40 Liter Author

40 Liters: According to Arthur Guyton’s Textbook of Medical Physiology, the amount of liquid in an average adult male is 40 liters.

Starter: A preliminary step for brewing beer in which a small sample of yeast is cultivated until it has reproduced enough to successfully ferment the batch.  Often measured in mL or liters, depending on the desired product and batch size.

40 Liter Starter: Documenting one young homebrewer’s pursuit of a professional brewing career, from volunteer to brewery owner.

I almost wrote this in the 3rd person but I just can’t do it. Too strange. I started homebrewing three years ago and began looking for employment in the brewing industry in late 2010. I currently work as a Volunteer Brewer at Manzanita Brewing Company in Santee, CA and a Packaging Team Member at The Bruery in Placentia, CA. I perform my fair share of grunt work but I love what I do. Even after a long day of work all I can think about is brewing, so I write these articles to harness that inexhaustible preoccupation. I welcome any questions, comments or criticism and would happily submit articles to other forums.

Be well,


Many thanks to Brian Evans of The Beer Project, who allowed me to use his photo for the background image.
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